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Reasons as To Why Women Should Consider Surrogacy and Egg Donation

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One of the most fulfilling moments in a person's lifetime is raising children. However, based on recent statistics, 20% of couples worldwide are childless by chance and this therefore poses a huge challenge in modern-day marriages. In the recent past, childless couples have sought medical breakthroughs in surrogacy and egg donation to help them to share in the joy of raising children. This leads most of them to assisted reproduction which is become a solution to help couples that have been denied by biological means the experience of parenthood.

Some of the options to consider is by a childless couple accepting a surrogate mother. There are several advantages to a surrogate of which on top of the list is the opportunity to assist humanity to sharing the joy of raising another life. This provides a childless couple with a wonderful sense of self-fulfilment that they wouldn't otherwise have had. Altruistic surrogacy helps couple without any financial gain with a surrogate getting reimbursement of the general expenses of raising the child from the pregnancy to the time of birth. From then on, the surrogate does not demand the family any sort of payment whatsoever. This is opposed to commercial surrogacy where some surrogates are given a lot of money to carry and deliver child that may or may not be genetically related to them. Amidst all this, surrogacy is a is equally stressful, time-consuming and emotional process that requires the surrogate mother to undergo mental and psychological health screening before they can engage. Surrogates agencies that have a repeatable record of these screening services together with counselling and other legal services.

Egg donors also experience a source of pride for helping an infertile couple to have the warmth of having a child. Programs in egg donation differ in terms of the qualities favoured for egg donation to the couple and also the age of the donor strictly between 21 and 35 years old. Some programs normally choose donors who have experience in egg donation or have given birth. Egg donation also includes mental and psychological screening before one is taken into the program. To know more check it out!

In conclusion, it takes an exceptional and compassionate woman to contemplate aiding couples who are unable to have children. While this presents a lot of risks, there is nothing that can compare to the role in granting a family's dream. This can be one of the most rewarding experiences that someone can do in their whole life and can change one's perspective about how life is in the way things work. This therefore blesses surrogacy as more of a humanitarian activity than the way people perceive it to be commercial. Great source of such ideas found at

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